Investor Star maker

Investor Star maker

One thing is above all others; entrepreneurial spirit! 

Entrepreneurs have energy, imagination, courage, persistence, inventiveness, speed and guts!

I’ve always been fascinated by how to become a star performer, star team or top company. I want to take a positive initiative by becoming a developer of talents – be those talents individuals, teams, start-ups or even companies which are already more mature.

Our vision is to be a star-maker. We identify, encourage and empower those who are able and ambitious. Without preconceptions, surprisingly and helpfully.

We invest professional expertise in them and, when necessary, real money. The objective is to liberate promising talents from the pressures of formulaic thinking and expectations. To knock down the dividing walls of markets and clear room for creative thinking and action.

LeftField is a window into the unexpected. Take a peek inside. 

Why important

Europes and Finland’s future lies with SMEs and start-ups. Many operators have excellent ideas, but the ability to commercialise them is lacking. Perhaps the contact networks too.

How can we help

We help in commercialising products and services. We train up entrepreneurs. We’ll make go-to-market or go-to-sales plans together. We’ll find the contacts from our network and the world.


Where to begin

Everything begins with a promise – the vision and mission of the company!

Get in touch and we can arrange a meeting and map out the situation. Confidentially.