Managing sales

Managing sales

Are the mission, vision and strategy of your company competitive? Good! 

However, many companies fail in transferring the strategy to the sales and customer service processes of the company. The desired result is not achieved.

We want to help companies in management, with management of sales as a special area and digital marketing as the seasoning. However, we don’t coach salespeople. There are excellent coaches in our network for the circumstances of different kinds of companies.

Where to begin? 

Constructing a new remuneration model. Organisation of sales. Building up new competencies. Constructing new digital business functions. Building up data-guided marketing. Constructing a vision of customership. Management of sales in a coaching and motivational manner.

There are a few leads that we can start with. Get in touch and ask us how we can help! 

    Why important

    Through digitalization, all the processes of companies will be digitalised and automated. Sales must also keep up with the development. We’re heading quickly towards digital sales, but a person still has an important role to play in the process.

    How do we help

    We’ll get involved in the exportation of your company’s strategy into customership processes. We’ll think together about how sales can be done more efficiently and with better results in the future. We’ll define the meters. We’ll help along the way with knots that come up.


    How to get started

    Contact us and we’ll agree on a meeting! We’ll map out your situation.

    At the same time, we’ll tell you some interesting examples of cases; for example, how we increased the turnover of an operator in the staffing and personnel services field from 70 million euros to 100 million in two years.